Lancaster-Ease Gill Cave System

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Some Caving Routes in the Dales

John Gardner's web site contains a series of articles intended for the guidance of experienced cavers who may not be familiar with the better routes through the more complex systems in the Yorkshire Dales. Guide books are necessarily limited in the fullness of their descriptions, and their task is not to detail "recommended routes". It is hoped that these articles will help fill that gap. This is an on-going exercise, and more routes will be added as time permits.

Northern Pennine Club

Founded in 1946, the Northern Pennine Club is one of the "senior" caving clubs in Great Britain. They are based at Greenclose House, just outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and 6 km from Ingleton.
This site contains a number of archived articles related to the exploration of the caves of both Leck and Casterton Fells.

Cave Diving Group

The Cave Diving Group was formed in 1946 by the late Graham Balcombe. Its continuous existence to the present day makes it the oldest surviving diving club in the world.

The CDG's function is to train and support cavers for exploratory operations in British sump conditions.

Council of Northern Caving Clubs
Technical Group

The Council of Northern Caving Clubs in 1989 in conjunction with DMM the anchor manufacturer, and Hilti the resin manufacturer originally researched the information contained in this document. Permanent fixed anchors continue to be researched and tested by the Council of Northern Caving Clubs through the C.N.C.C. Technical Group.

Council of Northern Caving Clubs

Set up in the 1960's to gain access to certain caving areas on private land in the North of England, it now looks after Conservation & Access issues in that part of the U.K.

Leck And Casterton Permit Secretaries

Two permit Sec's control access to the caves of Leck and Casterton Fells on behalf of the landowners. Info on their contact details on this site.

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