Our Lady's Cave

SD 663 818Length 78m Depth 30m

(so named because the shoring used is from the old window frames of Our Lady's High School, Lancaster). Warning: Loose boulders abound!

Original Exploration. See Oct 2002 Newsletter Article

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Entrance opposite Aygill Caverns. Climb down shored entrance, 8m, to a slot,and 1.8m drop into chamber. Clamber down boulder slope to where chamber enlarges to 2m by 2m. Obvious (enlarged) slot in right-hand wall is way on,opening into small alcove with an exposed 2m climb down onto fallen slab in chamber. Cross slab and climb down 2m to top of 10m pitch,(ladder and long belay), with large ledge 5m down,where water enters.

At bottom of pitch, follow water through short rift-tube to awkward 1m drop into small 'chamber'. Here, the water disappears into a choked rift. From the large ledge,the water can be followed up (in dry weather) to a chamber with hanging death everywhere. Passages from head of pitch also soon end in hanging death. The first chamber continues for 7m beyond slot, to an unstable dig to the left, and a partially choked hole to the right which is presumed to enter the pitch chamber,opposite the ledge.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013