NGR SD 6668 8000Alt 332mLength 45m

The floor of the entrance shakehole connects via a boulder choke dig and a tight 10m pitch to the top end of the large passage in Svengland in Pippikin.

Old Entrance is at the bottom of deep shakehole by a kink in the wall near PETERSON POT A 5m entrance pitch leads to a way into the first chamber, with a short muddy crawl leading off to the second chamber. An upper level route, requiring a 6m scale, also enters the second chamber. The cave was originally explored by RRCPC in 1950. See photo.

The way on is a 3m wet climb down a rift in the floor to the head of the 4m second pitch. This is very tight at the top, but enlarges lower down., landing on a boulder floor where the stream sinks. The water entering from the roof of the first and second chambers comes from the sink just over the wall from the entrance. The sink, Previously Enjoyed Hole,can be entered and a short dug crawl leads to the top of an 8m pitch dropping into the second chamber mentioned above.

A step up and a short rift passage leads to a 2m drop into a small aven chamber with an impassable floor rift as the only outlet. Just before the 2m climb down a tight descent in a rift in the right wall is followed by a very tight crawl round a bend to meet the same impassable floor rift.

It is likely that the water enters the Pippikin system at a very tight inlet between Hall of the Ten and Hall of the Mountain King. 

R.R.C.P.C. 2013