SD 6594 7999 Alt:213m
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Leck Beck in spate just below the resurgence.

Leck Beck Head resurgence in low flow conditions.

Major resurgence for all the caves between AYGILL and IREBY FELL, located in a small tributary valley to the north of EASE GILL. There are three main entrances:-

.All weather resurgence only accessible to divers. . The first 15m is a low and wide gravel-floored passage that is best followed along the left hand wall. A small window is passed on the right and here the passage suddenly changes to a boulder-floored arch 3m wide and 1.5m high. 30 m from base the roof lowers: to the right a low arch has been excavated to allow access to a clean washed passage 0.5m high which continues but which has several squeezes to reach a complex choked area 95m from the entrance. An unstable route through this choke to the large underwater continuation had fallen in. JOHN CORDINGLEY has dug here to re-establish a route through the choke. This goes to about -30m to the base of a ramp. At the bottom is a large tunnel which has now been connected to WITCHES CAVE.The route to LANCASTER HOLE has still to be found but probably lies in the shallow section of sump just beyond the 95m choke. This point is 220m from the furthest explored upstream limit in LANCASTER HOLE.

2. WEST FLOOD RISING SD 5594 8002 Alt:215m

Entrance on the left at the head of the dry valley. Short crawl beside silt bank leads to a step up over boulders to a complete choke. Dig in the floor at the entrance revealed a rift dropping into a flooded bedding plane that gets too low after only 2 metres.

3. EAST FLOOD RISING SD 5595 8002 Alt:215m

At the head of the dry valley on the right is a low cobble strewn entrance chamber which is sometimes floored by a pool. The only way on is a deep pool to the left. 10m forward is a choke, This sump normally starts as a 5m dive to an airspace in a narrow rift. From the far end, the narrow rift has been followed underwater for -2m to a bedding plane that is too low to enter. Above the deep pool is a small hole that has been widened to allow access to a low passage to a duck followed by Sump 1 which is 3.5m long to an airbell folloed by another sump dived for 3m to a point to low for further progress.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013