SD 6786 8082 Length 700m Depth 44mAlt: 331m
Part of Ease Gill Caverns

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The entrance to Boundary Pot with the fenced off open shaft beyond.

warning.gif (405 bytes)WARNING warning.gif (405 bytes)

Entrance passages liable to total flooding after slight rain. Watch out for loose boulders in HIROSHIMA CHAMBER

The furthest upstream entrance in the true left bank of EASE GILL BECK, in a long open depression. A short low crawl and a climb down enter a chamber where daylight enters from a fenced shaft 6m above situated on the bank of the gill (see photo above). The way on drops to a wide crawl and a second chamber. Passage straight ahead ends in a mud choke after 37m. This may connect to MAGPIE CHAMBER in POOL SINK if dug.

To the right leads to a clean washed passage which originates in an inlet chamber with a roof connection to the daylight chamber at the entrance.The way forward is a flat out crawl under the left wall to a short drop into a dark aven. Tortuous passages enlarge to a shingle crawl which chokes where a small downhill tube, BAR STEWARDS PASSAGE, meets a high inlet dropping to a fine 18m pitch. Belay to a blade of rock directly over the pitch. Upstream at the inlet leads to a small chamber with the inlet entering from the roof. at floor level the inlet continues a short way to a blockage of cobbles.

Savage Bypass

Before BAR STEWARDS PASSAGE a low shingle floored ascending crawl goes off to the right before BAR STEWARDS PASSAGE. This is Savage's Bypass. It leads to a 2.5 metre climb to a ledge above a large chamber. A easy, exposed step across to the right leads past an inlet waterfall to a steep 8 metre climb down to the upstream end of FUSION CAVERN.

Below is the Massive FUSION CHAMBER with a complex of inlets. Up to the right is a high chamber with further climbs to a complex of oxbows and deserted streamways, all ending cobble chokes under Ease Gill. At the end of FUSION CHAMBER a tight crawl bypasses a boulder choke into a wide arched passage with fine formations, BOXING DAY AVEN and false floors (care) leading to HIROSHIMA CHAMBER. The aven has been climbed for 15m into Gimli's Glee, which heads back towards the Gill. Just before the Hiroshima Chamber is a short passage up on the left to a 6m free climbable pitch past some jammed flakes to a small stream trench amongst boulders. HIROSHIMA CHAMBER has choked roof passages and an extensive bedding plane to the north east where a tight 'L' shaped slot leads to an old inlet and the choked boulder chamber. The chamber sits over some wet and loose passages off the MAIN DRAIN near ASSEMBLY HALL, and it is reported that a vocal connection has been made through a very loose and dangerous boulder choke. In the far right hand corner of Hiroshima a short climb leads into a roof bedding and on the far side ff this is the scaffolded MANHATTAN CONNECTION shaft to FAR EAST PASSAGE and the way on to the rest of the Ease Gill system. survey

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