BYE GEORGE POT and Cigalere Passage

SD 6711 7963 Alt 356m Length included in total length of Ease Gill Caverns 80km

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The entrance is situated in a shakehole about 100m from the wall corner of the second field directly below LECK FELL HOUSE. where a timber covered entrance reveals a plastic tube and 3 metre climb down into the cave. This entrance provides another way into the lower reaches of PIPPIKIN POT

Original Exploration. RRCPC Newsletter Vol. 32 Number 3 Article 4. Nov 1995

The passage is small and immature and is extremely awkward in places. It starts with a 20m hands and knees crawl to the top of a 5m pitch, The Tuck Shop. The only way on is a low wet crawl through the Ochre Winfreys, a muddy squeeze, leading to about 80m of sideways walking passage. Eventually THE BACKBREAKER is reached. This is a very tight squueze on a bend ending in a pool of water. After about 100m of walking passage a collapse of boulders is climbed over leading to some stooping and hands and knees passage to a squeeze over a calcite boss. This leads on through a squeeze and formations to the 150m long dry passage - Smashing Inlet.

Eventually Smashing Inlet enters the upper reaches of the CIGALERE STREAMWAY. To reach lower PIPPIKIN the 20m GRAND CASCADE needs to be descended followed by a canal to a rough crawl. Finally several sporting cascades are descended to emerge in LECK FELL LANE in the lower reaches of PIPPIKIN POT

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