SD 6759 8065 Alt: 317m
Length included in Ease Gill Caverns total 90km

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warning.gif (405 bytes)WARNINGwarning.gif (405 bytes)

Liable to rapid flooding if the gill starts to flood.

The entrance is in the true right bank of the gill at a sharp corner just upstream of COUNTY POT

There are two passages at the start of the cave, a higher abandoned dry crawl and a rift entrance below The higher entrance joins the rift route just before the climb down to a pool.

The rift enterance is a squeeze down over large boulders enters a rift passage which quickly becomes a crawl. Beyond a small oxbow on the right the floor starts cutting down and walking is possible to a climb down to a pool. On the far side of this a narrow fissure that can be climbed up into, thus avoiding the choked wet bedding below. After a few metres the fissure descends into a small chamber from which a very low and wet bedding plane crawl connects through to SWINDON HOLE

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R.R.C.P.C. 2013