SD 6661 8032Alt 267m Length 61m

warning.gif (405 bytes)WARNINGwarning.gif (405 bytes)

Much shattered rock-Take Care!

Entrance in cliff on south side of Ease Gill 30m downstream from MISTRAL HOLE

The photograph was taken looking east.


Drop down into loose chamber with precipitous slope, and across this is a short roof passage. In an alcove on the right is BLACK RABBIT CHIMNEY which descends to SQUARE CHAMBER with twin chimneys on each side. The west chimney leads to a series of crawls and avens, whilst the east chimney drops into MINT CRAWL which leads to a free climbable pot and a very unstable boulder choke.

The hole at the bottom of the entrance chamber opens out into SOUTH CHAMBER which has a muddy crawl straight ahead which is blocked by boulders. A hole to the left connects to MINT CRAWL and a slot between blocks drops to a lower chamber.

R.R.C.P.C. 1998