SD 6616 8093 Length 229m Depth 27mAlt: 301m

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The entrance is an excavated shaft next to the track between BULL POT and LANCASTER HOLE.

The photograph here was taken looking back towards Bull Pot of the Witches.

See Link for original exlploration of the cave.

Below the short shaft is a squeeze and a way through a boulder choke into OCTOPUS CHAMBER. Ahead up a 3m climb is a breakdown cavern with roof inlets and a high level route back over OCTOPUS CHAMBER to a choke under the entrance shakehole. At floor level on the left is a climb down and dug out crawl which becomes too tight but the water has been dye tested to the left hand branch inlet of WATERFALL PASSAGE in Lancaster Hole. At the base of the climb is a bedding plane squeeze through to the LOWER LEVEL passage mentioned below.

A wide crawl at the north end of the breakdown cavern soon leads to a rift and a 6m pitch on the right down into a large abandoned LOWER LEVEL passage with a mud choke. The main route continues through a crawl via the CHINA SHOP and DRACULA'S ALTAR to EQUALITY CRAWL and a large choked fault chamber. From here a crawl low on the right leads to an awkward climb down for 3m to a tight rift which draughts. A dig is in progress here. This is thought to connect to the end of airbell rift passage in the downstream sump of BULL POT of the WITCHES

R.R.C.P.C. 1998