NGR SD 6628 8177Alt 300m Length 80mDepth 13m

The entrance is situated in a shallow depression to the north of Kirtle Pot The entrance tube is filled with boulders to prevent stock entering, please replace these after visit. A short crawl leads to a climb down and a rift passage to a draughting 6m long inclined bedding rift. This leads to a T junction; the right hand passage is flooded but the left drops into a tight tube. This leads to another short drop into a 6m high but narrow rift . The draught comes from a hole on the left but the way on is under a dangling rock, The Fridge. Another drop leads to a mini maze. To the left and upstream is an inlet rift passage for about 20m.

The main way on is above hte stream via a squueze into a rift which regains the stream and goes for about 10m and is still being dug.

Survey Link

Breakthrough Tube

Lionel & The Fridge


R.R.C.P.C. 2006