SD 6722 8041 Depth 12m Alt 297m

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Length included is Ease Gill System 80km

The blocked entrance in Ease Gill Beck

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The entrance may flood when Ease Gill is flowing.

Entrance blocked at present but digging is underway to open it up again.

The entrance is surrounded by boulder dam in the left bank of EASE GILL below the confluence with HOWE GILL. Small climbs drop to the first squeeze into a wider passage and the HANGING DEATH SQUEEZE past loose blocks in a choke at the entrance to CONSORTIUM CAVERN. At the base of a steep upward boulder slope are two short drops into a wide low streamway. Upstream is a wet crawl to a breakdown chamber. Downstream is a wide silted bedding plane to 46m of easier going to a junction. Straight ahead soon ends in a boulder blockage and choked avens, Whilst the crawl continues for 61m to a low chamber and sump. The far reaches of this cave, connect to THE SILVER STREAMWAY of THE LONE RANGER SERIES in LINK POT

R.R.C.P.C. 2005