SD 6626 8019 Depth 67m Length 550mAlt:252m

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The Limestone Gorge of Upper Easegill Kirk (in dry weather!)

The Entrance to Kirk Pot

Total flooding within minutes when EASE GILL flows

At the base of the dry waterfall in UPPER EASE GILL KIRK. Twin entrances behind large flakes on the south bank unite in a series of rifts and bedding planes. A shelf on the left leads to Shelf Sump. This can be easily syphoned as it is only 1m long and a short section of tight drafting rifts is being explored.

The main way on is on Fissure crawl into a descending bedding plane and a small passage lead to a 3m chockstone climb and a 14m spiraling pitch. From the foot of this leads to a climb down into a large passage. Upwards over boulders soon chokes, but the other branch descends through pools to a crawl over boulders into a wider section. The continuing wide passage lowers to a sump.This has been dug underwater for about 4m and the flooded passage continues for 37m to a junction with a larger passage. To the right and downstream another 20m of sump breaks out into dry passage Kirk pot II. This continues as walking passage for 65m to another sump. Sump 2 is 15m long to Kirk 3 another section of passage to a steep bank of cobbles at the top of which is the +15m high Terra Nova Aven. The far side of the cobble slope leads to a large black lake sump chamber. Right here is Scott's Pool a 28m deep flooded shaft and to the left is an impressive canal to Sump 3, which is only 1m long. A short section of canal leads to Sump 4. Sump 4 has been dived for 90m and is still going.

Left and upstream from the 37m junction in Sump 1 leads to a junction after 26m the lefthand passage soon chokes but the righthand one continues for over 30m to a low section immediately followed by a junction. To the left is blocked but is only 30m from PEGLEG POT. To the right a large passage with beautifully scalloped walls heads south for 100m and continues unexplored.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013