SD 6664 8033 Depth 11m Alt: 226m

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Part of Ease Gill - Three Counties System 80km

The entrance to Mistral Hole in Eae Gill is covered by wooden planks and is a 6 metre free climbable pitch

Prominent shaft covered with planks under cliff set back from Gill in true left bank. The shaft may be climbed with care down to a hole in a cross passage. Right is choked, but left leads to a drop down to a left hand bend and continuing rift passage. Continue past a fallen block on the left to where a climb up over a boulder leads to a small chamber. Down the slope to the right is a 3.7m climb into a series of passages with squeezes to a low sump, FRONTIER SUMP. The water here reappears in the BORDER SUMP in the Earby Series of Lancaster Hole a short distance away (the Border Sump being the downstream end of the Frontier Sump).To the right of the sump is a way through an unstable choke to 30m of large passage, the FRONTIER and a choke.

Back at the top of the 3.7m climb the way on is to the left over a boulder and into a rift which changes to a flat out crawl under a cross rift to emerge in The HOBBIT a flat roofed chamber.

At the northern end of the Hobbit is a squeeze through boulders into a crawl, BARGAIN PASSAGE. leading onto about 30m of stooping height passage. This lowers to a crawl on the left for 10m to an inlet and low sump. To the right the main passage continues for a short distance to a boulder choke and and inlet. This is close to ATOLL Chamber at the end of Boulder Cave

At he far side of The HOBBIT a fine walking sized passage passes two ropes, one on the left and one on the right, leading to the DINNERTIME SERIES. past these a large boulder in the middle of the passage at a right hand bend is met, above this is an aven which also joins the Dinnertime Series. A route here on the right continues to FAR STREAMWAY. Down a trench in the floor the passage changes to a phreatic tube carrying a stream, eventually a slide over calcite on the right drops to a low passage which degenerates to a wet and muddy crawl. Soon drier passage is met and a tall rift in a wide bedding is followed around two bends up a slope into the low wide flat-roofed chamber of DUSTY JUNCTION with its cairn straight ahead. On entering Dusty Junction the draught which whistles through Mistral can be followed around to the left to enter Trowel Crawl which is the way through to LINK POT.

The large passage to the left of the cairn leads to RED WALL CHAMBER and a wet connection through to RATBAG INLET in PIPPIKIN POT.

Straight on at the cairn is the normal connection with the lower reaches of PIPPIKIN POT

R.R.C.P.C. 2013