SD 6676 8011Depth 55mAlt 323m

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The entrance is a fenced off large open shaft in the dry valley below PIPPIKIN POT 137m north of the boundary wall running down from LECK FELL HOUSE.

The open shaft is 18m deep and is completely choked at the bottom.

The main way on leads from a grassy shelf situated 3m below the fence at the southeast side of the pot a tight opening onto a 21m pitch which quickly bells out into a large shaft.

At the foot of this a slope to the southwest runs back up to the underside of the choke in the open shaft, whilst to one side a climb up into a large washed out shale band leads to a crawl to a junction with a small inlet entering on the right. By dropping down into the stream channel it can be followed down to a boulder bridge, and the top of the 15m second pitch.

At the foot of the pitch is a small chamber with a very restricted opening at the far side leading directly to the 10m third pitch, returning through this is awkward, and at times very wet. The chamber at the foot of this is about 5m long and 2m wide. The outlet is a narrow fissure only 125mm wide. By traversing at the top of the third pitch it is possible to enter a cross rift followed by a 3m climb up to a short crawl which reaches the head of a 11m rift pitch into the continuation of the narrow fissure. There is no passable way on from here.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013