SD 675 805 Entrance now blocked

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Length included in Ease Gill Caverns

Oxford Pot entrance after Red Rose members spent all night reopening the hole after a "mysterious" collapse midweek, Eric Holland ,top, says he did most of the work! It had collapsed again the next week so that prompted us to open Slaughterhouse and eventualy County. Photo by Ron Bliss 1952

Situated on the true right bank of EASE GILL only a few metres downstream from the lidded entrance of COUNTY POT beneath a large boulder. A short drop leads directly onto a 15m pitch, below which a low wet crawl leads into a large passage descending small cascades to a climbable 3m pitch. At the foot is a junction with a small inlet, and the continuing passage is the twisting and tortuous 'SNAKE'. Sideways shuffling and occasional crawling leads to an enlargement with a large passage entering from the left. This point is CONFUSION CORNER in COUNTY POT

At present the top of the entrance pitch is blocked by a collapse of unstable boulders, although it is possible to enter the shaft part way down via a tight passage a few metres from the bottom of the entrance climb in COUNTY POT.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013