SD 6670 7993Length 116m Depth 40mAlt: 332m
Part of Lancaster Ease Gill system

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Very tortuous in parts - Think of the return journey

The entrance is situated 30m south of SMOKEY HOLE

Scramble down to the 4.5m first pitch which lands on a scree slope and crawl down to the 4.5m second pitch with a choked crawl in the floor. The small tube of ROLY POLY PASSAGE is in a shale bed on the right. This awkward crawl continues to a narrows and some sharp bends beneath an aven to an inlet. Upstream is another aven, but downstream at floor level becomes too tight. A roof level crawl continues to a narrow rift and a sudden exit above a 2.5 metre climb. The 9m third pitch follows immediately and lands in a small chamber before the 4.5m fourth pitch and 6m fifth pitch follow in rapid succession with the stream running into an impenetrable crack.

Connection to Pippikin

From just below the head of the forth pitch is a traverse to passagesconected to passages above Hall of the Mountain King in Pippikin. From the traverse a short crawl leads to an aven and a choice of routes. To the right a low passage leads to an aven, while to the left a low muddy section eases at a bouldery section of passage. After a few more metres a much larger passage is reached. This is SVENGLAND above Hall of the Mountain King in Pippikin.

Uphill and to the left the large pasage ends in a choke very close to SMOKEY HOLE, while to the right a 2 metre climb down into a chamber leads to a choice of routes. A 5m pitch up leads to a muddy series of tight tubes and the original route into SVENGLAND from Hall of the Mountain King. The main way on leads down a short pitch to a further short section of large passage leading onto the top of a 20 m pitch into Hall of the Mountain King.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013