SD 668 800 Depth 142mAlt: 327m

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Length included in Three Counties System total 80km

warning.gif (405 bytes)WARNINGwarning.gif (405 bytes)

The entrance series is tight and wet

In the same valley and just upvalley from PIPPIKIN POT the sink cave soon connects with it. A lid covers a concrete cap directly on to a 5m pitch  with a dash under the water at the bottom. This is followec by a short climb to a junction, travers over the top leads to a squeeze onto a balcony overlooking a large void. This is EAST CHAMBER below Cellar Pot on Pippikin Pot. A 14M pitch broken by a ledge 9m down gives access to the chamber.

Back at the junction a 3m climb leads to the top of a 8m pitch. The squeeze at the bottom of the 8m pitch ended at a 3m drop and a very short section of passage to a final 3m pitch . A bedding at the bottom of this leads to a too tight pasage where 2m ahead a strongly draughting drop is visible.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013