SD6752 8056Alt: 312m

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Group at Rosy (Slaughterhouse) Sink on their way to scale into T Piece Passage in Pool Sink. The T Piece poles can be seen in foreground left corner.

Cavers in group from left: Ron Bliss standing, Brian Hayes,Walter Partridge, Norman Dunnington, Jack Aspin, all NPC Bill Leyland(RRCPC) Bert Bradshaw and Keith ? NPC 

Also known as Slaughterhouse Drain. An entrance down a short drop through boulders at the foot of the scar in the true right bank of the gill a few metres downstream from COUNTY POT. It was opened up before County Pot but proved unstable and flood prone.

Below the entrance boulders a low crawl gradually enlarges where a trench cuts down in the floor, and a meandering passage can be followed to a 6m pitch just upstream of the pitch in COUNTY POT. or an oxbow on the left can be followed to an awkward climb down immediately above the pitch. The passage beyond used to connect at the roof passage above the 1st Pitch in County Pot.

R.R.C.P.C. 20