SD 6763 8068 Alt: 319m

Length included in Ease Gill Caverns 70km

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Extremely dangerous in wet weather as the beck totally floods the entrances.


Dr. Aspin putting flouresceine & drain testing cartridge in Slit Sink (Early 1950's). This lead to the naming of Green & Smelly Passage. at the bottom of Pool Sink. Photo: Ron Bliss

The entrance is situated under the scar on the true right bank of the gill 46m downstream from THE BOREHOLE

A low crawl followed by a small drop leads to the start of a narrow canyon, a tight sideways shuffle to a free climbable 3.7m pitch with two ways forward. At foot of climb, a narrow trench continues downstream to obscure junction after 15m. Here a slither up into aven chamber and route thorough bedding crawl emerges just upstream of 15m pitch in The Borehole.Downstream from obscure junction narrow trench continues past a few cascades to pitch entering partway down the 15m pitch in THE BOREHOLE There are presently no belays to allow a safe SRT descent by this route.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013