SD 6750 8060 Alt: 314m
Length included in Ease Gill - Three Counties System  90km

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Caution: Connection to rest of system often blocked or sumped

Situated approximately midway between CORNER SINK and COUNTY POT is the fissure entrance in the right bank. A few metres of passage leads to a step down into a bedding plane passage, and a crawl through a pool. At the far end of this a far larger passage is entered with a short inlet running off to the right. On downstream the way on gradually enlarges, with six offshoots on the right. The first two connect to form a complex area with beddings and chokes, the second passage leading to a climb up to near the surface. Further downstream from these passages a low area is met which probably sumps in moist weather, just beyond this point an inlet on the right soon chokes somewhere below the gill. After a longer straight stretch of crawling an inlet on the right again leads through a low wet bedding crawl to CORNER SINK.

Further downstream another inlet on the right degenerates to flat out crawling in water before becoming too tight, though diggable. On downstream again the passage roof rises and a climb up onto a bedding reveals a 4 metre Red Chimney down to a tight rift leading to a small chamber from which a flat out crawl leads to the bedding crawl through to Splash Chamber in the UPPER TRIDENT SERIES of COUNTY POT.Alternatively follow passage down to a short drop into a rift and another drop down leads to base of Red Chimney. 

R.R.C.P.C. 2013