SD 6735 8058 Alt: 315m

Length included in Ease Gill Caverns Three Counties System total (80km)

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Entrance is flood prone. Loose boulders are a hazard in several parts of the cave

The entrance to SYLVESTER POT is located in the bed of HOWE GILL about 100m above its confluence with EASE GILL BECK and on the left just below the first waterfall.

Link to original exploration account. (1989)


Photo of How Gill from Ease Gill

An obvious dam has been built around the entrance and should be checked before entering.

The entrance crawl soon becomes low at a squeeze which can become blocked by shingle. Beyond the squeeze the passage opens out into a small chamber. To the right here leads back to the entrance, but straight on through boulders leads to a crawl and a vocal connection via a 7m blind pot to the first pitch. To the right above the blind pot is a sandy tunnel which breaks out over the top of the 20m first pitch. The streamway above the first pitch can be followed upstream for a few metres until it connects to the entrance. Downstream two short cascades are descended to the head of the pitch, bolts are in place and the shaft is broken 15m down by a large ledge. At the bottom of the pitch is a boulder strewn chamber with several ways on

Jim Newton, the discoverer of the Cave in the entrance


Scrambling over the boulders leads to a loose breakdown chamber, while climbing down through the boulders leads to a 3m climb and another very unstable breakdown chamber. The main way on is along a crawl immediately at the base of the first pitch and a junction is soon reached. To the left is the 7m second pitch which can be descended via two alternative holes to the MAIN CHAMBER. Back at the junction the right hand crawl leads to a wide complex bedding, ROUTE 880.


In the main chamber there are three ways on. Descending the boulders in the floor of the chamber leads to the free climbable 4m third pitch and then down through boulders to a small streamway, UPPER CLOUGH'S PASSAGE in COUNTY POT. The water can be followed upstream for 40m to avens below the MAIN CHAMBER and downstream to two climbs down into CLOUGH'S PASSAGE and the way on to DISMAL JUNCTION

Above UPPER CLOUGH'S PASSAGE and before the two climbs down is a low crawl leading to to a series of rifts and sandy tunnels where the stream below can be heard, this is THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT PASSAGE.

Back in the MAIN CHAMBER the other two ways on are down the obvious rift at the other end of the chamber. This leads below the breakdown chambers at the base of the first pitch and is liberally endowed with loose boulders. Just after entering the rift a loose climb up on the left leads through to the connection to THE DELICATE SOUND of THUNDER and LUFF'S PASSAGE in COUNTY POT.


ROUTE 880 is a wide low bedding with several holes in the floor. It is easy to become disorientated and end up going round in circles. After about 10m a junction is reached, to the left is an obscure low crawl over a 4m deep hole with a chamber below through to a large sand filled chamber, NEWTON'S WONDER with a fine set of gour pools and associated stalactites.

The avens leading out of NEWTON'S WONDER close down so please do not climb the formations!. A stream enters from the roof and is lost in the boulders which form the floor. It is assumed to be the stream in LUFF'S PASSAGE


Newton's Wonder

Back in ROUTE 880 the main way on leads past three holes in the floor all of which have been descended to loose boulder chambers. The main bedding narrows and becomes a flat out crawl to a narrow pitch head. Just before this by climbing down the last hole you break out into a large chamber with a rock bridge, HANGING DEATH HALL. At the far end of this are several sand choked crawls which are very close to MANCUNIAN WAY in COUNTY POT, and an aven dropping down from the narrow pitch head mentioned above. In the floor of this chamber the stream in UPPER CLOUGH'S PASSAGE can be heard

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