Top Tip Pot

SD 66137 81295 Alt: 314m
Length: 85m  Depth: 35m

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The cave lies close to Bullpot Farm and in the next but one field to the south west. It is in the line of shakeholes clearly seen to the east from the road as you approach the farm. The easiest approach is to leave the farm via the back door and climb over the gate next to the ruined barn and head uphill across the first field through a gate and into the next one. The entrance lies in the third of four shakeholes you come across in the second field. 

The cave is developed in almost vertical beds close to the Dent Fault. At the bottom of the shakehole a covered hole leads onto a 2m climb down followed by a horizontal rift to another climb down, which leads directly to the first pitch of 8metres. This lands in a rift chamber with three ways on. A hole in the floor leads down a rift and along a short narrow traverse to a rift up into another high rift. Back in the rift chamber a climb up on the other side leads to a short traverse to another 8m pitch. This is blind at the bottom but has another high aven above. 

Back in the rift chamber the only other way on is down in the floor and this leads to the second pitch of 16m broken by a large ledge 11m down. This lands in another rift chamber with a stream in the floor. This can be followed downstream to a low wet crawl. Upstream a passage leads to an awkward climb into a tight tube and 5m wriggle which continues through mixed going for 50m until an enlarging crawl ending in a low choked chamber and a side rift with a larger chamber beyond.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013